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Adop-a-Stop Bench Advertising

The concept for Adopt-a-Stop was created by local Barney Gibbs while studying at Cambridge University. The project was then introduced to the island in 1993 as a socially-conscious way to provide a much-needed amenity. The priority was tropical designs constructed with local materials … placed at prime locations to give maximum impact.

Increasing island-wide traffic means that both drivers and passengers frequently stop in front of our sponsor’s signage – an average of 40,000 hits (or views) per day based on current traffic rates.

As a plus, our recently-launched solar back-lighting ensures striking night-time visibility. Let us provide a quote and suggest some locations for you today!

Adopt A Stop | 4 Gibbons Industrial Park, Christ Church, Barbados | Phone: 246-428-2020 | Email: Barney@AdoptAStop.com